who is he?

His name is THE UNKNOWN MAGICIAN, who he is, is not important but who you are, who you really are is very important…to him. Where he comes from is Unknown but where he takes you to, is a place filled with Magic, Deception and Laughter. But try not to laugh too hard because that laugh might be your last!!!


He sees the world in a most mysterious way, in fact he’s looking at you right now reading this and he finds YOU …most mysterious. The reason he sees things in a different way is because he is a Conjuror, notice we did not say magician. If he were a magician he would try to fool you and make you look stupid…trust us he would never interfere with nature!

Allow us to show you HOW he can give you an intensely engaging & incredibly entertaining show.

Never seen before…till now!




the show

At last an award winning show that’s different!

THE Unknown Magician’s Show is a 50-minute ultimately enjoyable, fun rollercoaster ride, filled with magical deception, mind blowing illusions and devilish fun designed to keep your party, virtual conference, seminar training session or team building exercise fully engaged.

Enjoy this unforgettable show in the comfort of your own screen and have the best time IN you ever had. He will read your mind, he will influence your thoughts, and he will have you laughing your head off! Your group will be talking about what they’ve seen for years to come.

His performance can be tailored to include your products, services, branding, key messages or conference themes. Even your logo can magically appear!

Honoured with numerous industry accolades including the ‘Performing Arts Award for Outstanding Contribution to Magic’ & winner of Best Virtual act 2021. The Unknown regularly appears & disappears on The Late Late Show and The Saturday Night Show as well as on numerous television shows on RTE, Virgin One and Channel 4. 

This Live Hi Tec show ‘certainly illustrates that you can be mystified, hypnotised and mesmerised and taken on a deceivingly humorous magical journey without leaving your screen.

We invite you to sit back…relax…loosen any restrictive clothing and get ready for a wonderful new experience……that’s virtually unforgettable


“He’s Virtually Hilarious”


“He’s promised to hypnotise me and give me a good feed!”




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